Church Council

Committees & LeadershipResponsible for developing the annual church plan and budget, and dealing with any issues that may arise concerning these. It acts as the resolving body of UUMC, dealing with issues that may arise in the operation, administration, and programming of UUMC.

The meetings are open to all interested parties.
For more information, contact Andy Kever, 2016 Church Council Chair.

Click here to view our Church Council Minutes & online archives

Board of Trustees

Responsible for the supervision, oversight and care of all real property owned by UUMC.
For more information, contact C.L. Evans, 2015 Board of Trustees Chair.

Finance Committee

Responsible for developing a church-wide stewardship education program, and developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget as adopted each year.
For more information, contact Bruce Kellison, 2015 Finance Committee Chair.

Staff/Parish Relations Committee

Confers and councils with the pastor and staff in making an effective ministry and on matters pertaining to their relationship with the UUMC congregation.
For more information, contact Barbara Mason, 2015 SPR Committee Chair.

UUMC Foundation

Is a state registered financial holding corporation with the authority to receive and administer funds in accordance with state law. Its task is to build a financial corpus, an endowment whose principle is inviolate and whose earnings are used in the ongoing life of the UUMC congregation.
For more information, contact Carroll Martin, 2015 UUMC Foundation Chair.

Committee on Lay Leadership

Responsible, under the chairmanship of the Senior Pastor, for nominating such officers and members of 
the Church Council and committees as the law of the church requires.