University UMC is honored to join with you as you celebrate and mark the milestones of life. Whether you are looking to be married, baptized or are mourning the death of a loved one, we are here for you.


BaptismsIn the United Methodist Church, adults, children and infants are invited to the baptismal font. Babies are baptized as a sign of God’s acceptance of them even before they are of the age to make decisions. During baptism, parents commit to live worthy spiritual lives before their children and agree to bring them up within the community of faith. For more information about baptism, contact the Church Office, Pastor John or Pastor Lisa.


Life MilestonesWorking closely with you, University UMC strives to create personal wedding ceremonies that speak to your values and beliefs. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you as you prepare for marriage. We often work with families and couples who come from different backgrounds or believe different things, and together we craft a ceremony that reflects your hopes and wishes. Our historic Sanctuary, which seats 850, and Chapel, which seats 85, provide beautiful sacred spaces for the exchange of vows. Sanctuary fees are $400 ($200 deposit) for members and $1,500 ($500 deposit) for non-members. Chapel fees are $75 for members ($75 deposit) and $500 for non-membes ($250 deposit). Payment of a deposit reserves the wedding date on the UUMC calendar.

To reserve your wedding date:

  1. Contact Jan Reed, UUMC’s Worship Assistant, to check the date availability
  2. Print out and complete our wedding reservation form
  3. Submit the form and your deposit payable to UUMC, 2409 Guadalupe St, Austin, Texas, 78705

For more information about wedding services, contact Cindy Reeves, UUMC Wedding Coordinator.

Funerals & Memorial Services

Life MilestonesIn times of grief and loss, we come together to share stories, offer comfort and celebrate the wonders of an individual life. Funerals and memorial services at University UMC reflect the values and beliefs of each family and individual, and services take on a personal and intimate feeling, no matter what their size. Our pastors and musicians work with family members and friends to craft a service of words and music and memory. We mark the meaning of this life and are reminded of the place of gratitude, kindness, service and authenticity in living. For more information about funeral and memorial services, contact the Church Office.