We have several basic groups of people who might be listed or referred to online: pastors/staff, adult members and youth. Information of concern includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and photos. Home addresses are never posted.

  1. For pastors/staff, we list names, email addresses (usually office emails), and office phone numbers. No home phone numbers, home addresses, or mobile phone numbers are listed. It is important that people be able to contact the staff and that access is all through the office.
  2. For adult members, we often list names when they are a contact for some group or activity that we are featuring on the Web site. We do not list email addresses unless they have specifically given permission. We do not list phone numbers unless they have specifically given permission. It is assumed that other members have the church directory or can call the office for phone numbers.
  3. For youth and children, we do not list names, first or last. We also do not list addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. Photo captions do not include their names.

When using photos of University United Methodist Church events, attendees, or members — either directly on the Web site, in printed publications produced by UUMC, in our online photo albums (including Flickr) or on our social media sites (including Facebook) — we use the following guidelines:

  • We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo. If we know someone is shy about such things, we ask them before posting the image.
  • We don’t put names as captions with photos (except for pastors/staff or other members who have given expressed written consent)
  • We will gladly provide credit to photographers who take particular photos, if desired by the photographer. We would certainly honor any copyright wishes or restrictions.
  • We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request. If you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, we would be glad to do so. Just notify the UUMC webmaster with the details.