What To Expect

As a visitor, you can expect:

  • We’ll say hello and greet you – but we won’t single you out, make you stand up or hound you.
  • We’ll invite you to share communion with us – and we will never turn you away.
  • We’ll sing and read prayers together – but we don’t care if you lip-sync or you’re off-key, or if  you stay silent. Participate as you’d like.
  • We’ll invite children up front for a moment with the pastor – but there’s no expectation for your kids to come forward. If your babies or children become restless during worship, we’re okay with that, too.
  • We’ll pass around an offering plate during worship – but we don’t expect visitors to make a contribution. You are our guest.
  • When worship is finished, we’d love for you to meet the pastors on your way out — but it’s okay if you’d rather not.

Are you here in Austin for a special event or festival?

Out-of-town guests are among our most frequent visitors. We welcome you! Click here to learn more about Austin