Our Mission

UUMC is an urban, progressive community of faith committed to traditional worship, social justice, inclusiveness and reconciliation.

Our Vision

UUMC seeks to be a model for living our faith in an imperfect world, to be a sanctuary for healing and spiritual renewal and a leader in the struggle for justice.

Our Values


1. We are open to all people, inclusive in membership, leadership and ministry.
2. We commit ourselves to love and follow the God revealed in Jesus without denying the authenticity of other paths to the holy.
3. We are committed to challenging our minds through lifelong study, and transforming our hearts through spiritual practices that are both personal and communal, embracing all ages and stages of life.

4. We express our faith in vibrant worship that is beautiful and scriptural, and that calls us to revolutionary discipleship.
5. We believe that practicing our faith is more important than adhering to doctrines.
6. We work for peace and social justice.
7. We commit to be in ministry with the poor, the stranger, and those in the margins.
8. We strive to protect and care for the earth.