Micro Lending Ministry


We offer microloans of up to $1,000 to help individuals grow or stabilize a small business — and startups can apply.  Face-to-face conversation and a simple application process replace what is required by traditional lenders.  Members fluent in different languages are here to guide you.  Together, we can grow an economy that says it is right and just that we provide opportunity for everyone.

Whether you need a new piece of equipment, computer software, or a website to grow your business, you may be eligible for a loan of up to $1,000 — with NO interest or fee charges.

Si usted necesita una pieza nueva de equipo, un programa de computación (software) o un sitio en la red (website) para hacer crecer su negocio, usted puede ser eligible para un préstamo de hasta $1000 – SIN intereses u otros


University United Methodist Church, 2409 Guadalupe, is offering interest-free micro-loans to help expand economic opportunity in greater Austin.

La Iglesia Metodista Unida de la Universidad, 2409 Guadalupe, le ofrece micro-préstamos sin intereses para ayudar a ampliar las oportunidades económicas en el área de Austin.


The loans are for very small businesses (one to six employees on average) — and start-ups can apply.  Loan applicants should have at least one year of business experience. 

Los préstamos son para los negocios muy pequeños (un promedio de uno a seis empleados) – y los “start-ups” (los negocios que están comenzando) pueden hacer una aplicación.  Los solicitantes de préstamo deben tener al menos un año de experiencia en el negocio.


Repay a $1,000 loan over a year — or a loan of $500 or less over six months.   

Repagar un préstamo de $1000 en un período de un año – o un préstamo de $500 o menos en un período de seis meses.


All of the money you pay back will fund new loans to help more people!

We look forward to talking and hearing your dreams for your business.

¡Todo el dinero que usted repaga va a financiar préstamos nuevos para ayudar a más gente!

How It Works:

Step 1:  Contact one of the numbers below for more information or to get the application process rolling.

Step 2:  At an initial Intake meeting, two church members will collect some basic information about your work history, how you intend to use the loan, the amount you need up to $1,000, your other sources of funding, and the goals you have for your business.  

Step 3:  The  UUMC Microloan Group will review that information and decide whether to schedule a second interview to gather more detailed information about your vision and plans for your business.  Things to think about:  

  • What is your customer base?

  • What competition do you face?

  • How will you let others know about your business?

  • Do you have any other outstanding loans?

  • What other expenses do you have — and when do you expect to earn a profit?

  • Will an interest-free microloan help you reach your goals — or add to your debt?

Step 4:  You will be given a written loan application at the above interview to fill out and return.  We are not a bank — and it is not necessary to provide tax returns or other types of financial information apart from the application. 

Step 5:  The UUMC Microloan Group will vote on whether to approve the loan after reviewing the loan application and the information gathered from the two interviews.  

Step 6:  If the loan is approved, a contract will be signed by both parties.  A repayment schedule will be part of that contract.