Flower Ministry

Donating flowers

Did you ever wonder about how that beautiful Sanctuary flower arrangement arrived in the Sanctuary?  People like you helped by making a donation ($75) for an arrangement in memory of a loved one, in honor of a person important in their lives or other special event.  The donation dedication is also listed in that Sunday's order of service bulletin.  To reserve your Sunday flowers, contact the church office at 512-478-9387.

What happens to those beautiful flowers after the Sunday services are done?  

Then the UUMC Flower Ministry Team steps in!  For over 60 years, every Sunday after the 11 am service, members of the Flower Ministry Team divide the Sanctuary flower arrangement into several smaller bouquets, then deliver to many people: seniors with birthdays, people who are ill or need some encouragement, new church members, newly baptized folks and new babies!  Members may also write a birthday or "remembering you" card.  

Participating in the flower ministry team

There's no minimum requirement to participate with the Ministry.  Every week when the Flower Ministry email list is sent, you reply only when you can help.  Some folks participate only a couple of times a year; others a couple of times a month.  

Besides arranging and delivering Sunday bouquets, at Easter time the Flower Ministry Team arranges for congregation members to deliver potted plants to those congregants (regardless of age) who are no longer able or haven't been able to attend Sunday services at the Church.  

Vases for the small bouquets

A note of interest: where do the flower arrangers get the multiple needed small vases for these five to six bouquets a week through the entire year?  The vases are of all varieties and shapes, just on the small side.  One way the Team gets the vases is by putting a sticker on every vase requesting that it be returned to the church - and bouquet receipients are happy to do that!  People also buy vases (in the Dollar type of stores) or donate vases from their own home.  Thanks to you all!

Interested in more information, or to join?  Email the Volunteer Coordinator Judy at UUMC.OpenDoor@yahoo.com.