A Note from Pastor John: What do you see when you look out at the world? Beauty? Tragedy? Evil? Our new sermon series is Blindspot: Seeing Our Way to a New World. When we look out at the world, are we able to see beyond the surface of things to the underlying systems and structures? Are we able to see down to the roots of violence and evil? And when we do begin to see this way, are we able to act? Are we paralyzed or do we find ways to join in the work of change? These are the kinds of questions we will be asking during our Lenten worship series. We hope you’ll be in worship with us, but we hope you’ll also consider attending our Lent kick-off event with playwright and theologian Steven Tomlinson on Fri. Feb. 9. If you want to plunge in deeper, you can join a small group during Lent. I look forward to celebrating the season of Lent with all of you!

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