It is our pleasure to announce the Youth Ministry Summer Shareholders Fundraiser of 2017 on Sunday, March 26. This program is designed to support the youth and chaperones participating in summer camps and mission trips. By becoming a shareholder, you are giving a student the opportunity to have a meaningful summer experience. The dates and locations of the trips are:

Senior High Celebration at Mo Ranch: June 25 to 30
Junior High Jubilee at Mo Ranch: July 2 to 6
D.C. Mission Trip: July 9 to 14
Our Whole Lives Camp: Aug. 7 to 11

What is the Youth Ministry Summer Shareholders program? It is a fundraiser where we invite parishioners and friends to “invest” in the youth of our church. Your investment not only supports the youth financially but you also invest in their spiritual growth as well.

How do I benefit as a shareholder? You will receive a handwritten thank you note from one of the students attending these trips, a postcard updating you about their experience, and you will be invited to a Shareholders Dinner on Sun. Aug. 13 to witness first-hand what the students learned this summer.

How much does it cost? We offer shares for $10 each. You may purchase as many shares as you would like (for example, five shares would amount to $50). When you purchase shares, you will be issued a certificate affirming your investment.

What does it cost to send a youth to these camps? This year we will be taking 13 students and 3 adults on a Mission Trip to Washington D.C. This will be the first time the youth have traveled out of state in many years. Our students are so excited and will be working to raise $350 for the week and $500 for their flight.

Senior High Celebration: $485 | Reach Beyond Mission: $350 | Junior High Jubilee: $405

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